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Q. I don't know which lift pass to get? + every other lift pass question that has crossed your mind

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Q. 4-month minimum? But if I'm not sure I want to do a full season of 4 months, which accommodation should I choose?

That is perfectly fine!. The 4-month minimum only regards the deposit. If you want to stay for 1, 2 or 3 months, you pay the rents per usual plus the deposit, which you will not get in return if you cut your season short (additional costs in case of breaking things, see Conditions). Unless you find a replacement where we can discuss the outcome. I usually describe it this way: Think of it as a slightly higher rent distributed across the months you do stay!

But if there is any place where 4 months seems short and people will want to stay 'til spring, it's Bad Gastein. In the words of *NSYNC, this I promise you. 

Q. What happens if I get injured/sick/miscellaneous during the season, and need to go home?

This is a good and quite common question! In the unlikely event that you get injured the only thing you'll have to leave behind is the deposit. Not bad right? We do not offer any refunds, although as stated above we will not demand any rent payments for months post-departure. Hopefully, this question won't arise, and is just left here in FAQ's.

Q. How do I book a spot? What does filling out the booking form even mean??

The booking form contains all the necessary pieces of information about you such as name, arrival date, choice of accommodation and so on. If you find yourself struggling with a certain section simply contact me (see Contact) and I will help with filling in the blanks. On said form there will be plenty of useful information about the booking itself and the conditions that apply for the season (a small summary can be found in Conditions at the top of the page). 

Q. How do I pay the rent? 

An invoice (another way of writing "email with required amount to stay in the house" or "reminder to pay up") will be sent to the email used when booking. It is important to notice that there is a payment date. If the rent is delayed, a fee per day will be added to your next rent payment. An outstanding rent all together (X DAYS) will require the resident to move out. If you prefer to be notified about the rent in another way that may be easier for you, it can be considered. This must remain consistent throughout the season. Note that you are expected to see all messages sent to your email/contact option.

This will all be stated in detail on the booking form.

Q. Which accommodation will work best for me?

This can be a tough one to figure out. Study what's on this website and you'll be very likely to find your favorite. However, if you are unable to decide which house to choose in spite of reading every detail, contact me for further questions (email found under Contact) and I will assist you in your decision-making process.

Q. Where can I find out about the job offers on the front page?

Ronny (see Our Story) offers a cleaning job, tidying up holiday apartments, for those who stay with us. You can apply in advance by email, info@booking-gastein.at, or on the spot. If you are looking to work in one of the local restaurants, bars or perhaps even the ski school, I can help you find a couple of options (email found in Contacts). With a few years of experience in Bad Gastein, I will be happy to refer you to a job suited to your work preferences. Assistance will only be given to those who have submitted their booking. 

Q. When can I move in?

You are welcome to move in whenever you like after the accommodations open. Prior to that, we offer a temporary stay in some of the holiday apartments to a separate cost. Most accommodations are ready to move into mid/at the end of November. You must contact Ronny (Text or email?) two days before you arrive. Try to aim for comfortable hours.

Q. How can I get in contact with the other residents before I get there? Is there a facebook group?

Well, as a matter of fact, there is! You'll find a facebook group for each accommodation at the bottom of each separate accommodation page. There you can get in touch with one another before you've even touched down. Entering the facebook group is not mandatory although can be useful to stay updated, easily reach each other and us with questions that need answers. 


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