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Booking the accommodation you prefer is simple:

  • Go to the Contact page and put your personal info in the boxes or send email to the address you can find there
  • You will receive a booking form sent to your email
  • Fill out the form and send it back
  • Your application will be reviewed
  • When your application has been approved and sent back to your email, you have one week to submit the booking fee (see bank details on the form)

Once we have received the payment your booking is confirmed and ready to go! 


When you have received the reviewed and approved version of your booking form you have one week to complete the bank transfer of the booking fee. Thereafter, the booking is locked in (smaller changes can be made subject to availability). However, if the payment does not reach the designated bank account in time you lose your chosen option.

When booking an apartment or one or more beds in one of the accommodations you will be sent an agreement along with the booking form.  

When you submit the payment it also means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions in the agreement.

In short, it states:

  • Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited. 
  • In case something breaks the person or people responsible will be obligated to replace it.
  • Costs to repair damage to the property will be drawn off all residents deposits unless it can be pinpointed.
  • Excessive wear and tear will be covered by the deposit. 
  • Rents cannot be altered

For everyone's comfort, help each other maintain everything in its original shape during the season. Assign cleaning schedules if necessary (has shown helpful in the past). Common knowledge of using washers and dryers, handling waste, what and what not to flush down different pipes is expected.

You'll find the finer details in the agreement document.

Remember! If all points in the agreement followed, your entire deposit will be returned to you and it will be all smiles! 

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Season accommodations in Bad Gastein

Säsongsboende i Bad Gastein

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