Haus Salzmann (the summary)

Private apartments for those who want their own place. For more details check out the different styles of apartments 

Haus Salzman offers 4 different styles of private apartments:

Our options for 4 people

Nr 1. The apartment features the most comfortable living situation for any seasoner with a roomy kitchen/living room, fully stocked with a dishwasher and lounge essentials, two bathrooms, a bedroom for 4 people, and a balcony wrapping this amazing apartment deal to a close, hence the confident claim of being most comfortable. 

Nr 2. A just as comfortable version of season apartments for those who want to have separate bedrooms for 2 people, with a private kitchen with all utensils and dishwasher, again, two bathrooms, a living room area connected to the said kitchen, and a just as suave veranda as stated above.

Nr 3. The OG season apartment of Haus Salzmann. This apartment has a spacious kitchen/living room well prepared for preparties, a bedroom for 4 people, one bathroom, and a french balcony connected directly to the beautiful garden. 

Our option for those who want more roomies

Apartment Suite: This apartment has the biggest living room and kitchen for seasoners I think Bad Gastein has ever seen with a kitchen island featuring barstools, a dishwasher, a "passe-plat" a.k.a. kitchen pass-through to the living room, 3 bedrooms for 2 to 4 people depending on preference, and 2 bathrooms (with a tub). It's Spacious with a capital S, no cap. 

Our option for 1 person

Studio Apartments: For anyone who prefers to have their own space, we have a studio apartment with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in one, and a nice bathroom to complement. It is connected to all the apartments above, so you may live alone, but you are never alone. 

All bookings are made here, enter the season shop and pick your favorite.

Salzmann Highlights


These apartments are great if you want an alternative to the usual dorm room season accommodations. The fact that you have a private bathroom in every apartment. Ski storage below the main entrance. Beautiful garden for winter fun and BBQ's in the spring. A bus stop is located outside the window, for the ski bus which is included in the lift pass and takes you to the main slope within minutes, not to mention that you can also walk this distance with ease. Needless to say, Haus Salzmann is a personal favorite.

Washing machine is available for €4 per wash. Wi-fi, water, electricity, and heating are included in the rent.

The ski bus is included in the ski pass and takes you to the main slope within a few minutes. 

  • Close to the bus stop, i.e. close to the lift
  • Pubs and cafes right around the corner
  • BIlla and Eurospar nearby 
  • Good company at the accommodation as well as with the other ski-bum houses
  • Cozy house with a balcony view over the mountains