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May I introduce you to the three C's in Bad Gastein: Cheap ski pass, Cheap beer, and Cheap (but fabulous) accommodation. What's not to love?

If this had you at hello there's no need to continue reading. Just head to the contact page, get your accommodation sorted and have a great day. But for the barely intrigued, believe you me, there's much more to this ski town.


Bad Gastein has plenty to offer for skiers and snowboarders of all calibers. Year in and year out people return to this very ski-town for "just one more" season. It is well known for its great mountain terrain and vivid nightlife, along with great prices of, well everything. It offers an extensive ski system that reaches across 4 valleys. Wide pistes and a varied off-piste that will stay fresh for days on end, making it the perfect place for a ski season. We offer season accommodations situated in many different parts of Bad Gastein. The main ski lift Stubnerkogel, and local pubs, cafes, and stores are all within walking distance.

See below for a detailed description of each accommodation.

Tip: A shorter visit? Check out Townhouse Apartment for your ski trip.

Grey Mountain Lodge

A.k.a GML, the party place 

Haus Nefer

The more quiet alternative


Housing happy seasoners since 2017

Alpen Residence

Calm and cosy

Townhouse Apartment

A vacation home

Haus Salzmann

Private apartments of various sizes


Not only do we offer accommodation that'll make you wonder why you didn't come here sooner, but also personal assistance when booking. My name is Ellen and I have been working with matching skiers and snowboarders with the ski-bum accommodation perfectly suited to their season aspirations for several years.

Here's what else we have to offer in addition to a great place to stay:

Personalized Booking

           Ellen, former ski-bum in Bad Gastein,  will guide and assist you throughout the booking process. Hon pratar även svenska.


The magic of a first season is hard to beat. But wouldn't it also be great to know those money saving, Bad Gastein-lifehacks that you learn your second or third?                      

Job Possibilities

Not only do we offer a job for those who stay with us, but we can also help you find a local job in Bad Gastein through personal reference.

...and Tricks

We've got the tips and the tricks

and are happy to share them.

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When is the last day to buy the ski pass with a discount? Which ski pass should you buy to get the most out of your skiing/snowboarding? Where is the tavern? 

These are some of the questions I have encountered before. If you want the latest updates for when accommodation spots are running low, job offers, or keep up with the pre-season countdown, put your email in the box below. 


For accommodation updates, job offers and much more!

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